Thursday, March 22, 2012

Why I need my iPod so Badly?

This is an email of a youth pastor who works with me here in the US.

Hi pr, just sharing something I talked about in the YPG on Sunday:

I was thinking: 

Why do some youths need to be constantly connected to their iPods?

Why can't they stand silence? 

I came to realize that to many of them, silence hurts. It hurts because it faces them with their most deepest thoughts —those they try to avoid. 

It brings up their past, all their unresolved issues, accusations, guilt. It pushes them to think, to ponder. And because many are not okay with themselves —they are full of conflict inside— silence is painful. Music is then the perfect way to avoid it.

However, those who are okay —who are free and their conscience is not accusing them— can handle silence just fine.

Music is just a palliative and not the solution to your problems. 

Want real changes? Then seek God and let Him help you overcome from the inside out.

I don't need music to feel good!...

Fernando Carrera
Youth Pastor, Katy, TX


Alejandra Rosales said...

That sounds exactly like me when I hadn't met God Pastor Luke. Music comforted how I was feeling; if there was silence I would think people could hear my thoughts.

But thank God for liberating me and giving me the peace this world couldn't give me. He is now the solution to my problems.

Stanley Melgar said...

I've notice that even youths who come to the church can't let go of the iPod.. No self-control. What I learned is that if you can't free your ears or eyes for at least an hour or 2, then it's a big problem.

UYG UMLAZI said...

True, music is an escape for many youth that don't run to God when facing problems. For those who turn to God silence is not painful, music or no music we still feel good and enjoy ourselves. said...

That is very true, i believe that music is like a drug. Youths us music to avoid thinking about there problems.

Anonymous said...

This is a common thing that you see anywhere, the street,school,home and even some inside the church. And is true when you listen to music you can't think about nothing else but the music. In silence you can think of what's going on. To some people they don't like to think about it, but to some they like silence it's peace, it's nice.(iI myself think so)Agreed/[Benjamin,Westpark]

Marlon said...

I have seen many youths that at all times are listening to music to distract themself about what they really are facing and try to forget it; but for them it is just a way to have peace that is not deep inside and when they are done, the guilt and feelings come back. (GAD, Westpark)

Jennifer Soriano said...

I see this very often when I get in the bus there is a lot of people listen to music. But when the music finishes their back to reality the problems that they had didn't left because of the music. The problem is still their. They tried to avoid their problems by listen to music that doesn't even help them.
Jennifer Westpark, Simeon

stefani lopes said...

I had a common depression just about a 1year and a half ago. my mom had to be at the hospital with my sister and my dad would always be there. my older sister didnt care about me she would lock herself in the room. people would come to pick me up to go to church but i felt like a boder when i got their people would say i didnt want to be there and that i didnt care about god which wasnt true then i stopped going church and i started going only sundays with my dad.i was at school half day and the rest at home at school i would skip with friends have boyfriends curse out teachers and muchh more! at home i wouldnt eat i would lock my self in the room and listen to music i got home at 6 i stayed in my room from 5pm till 8am dancing and singing at 810 i would go back to school. the devil didn't let me sleep or eat he made me hate my sister that was at the hospital and my mom dad and older sister that didn't care.. i also hated people from church cause they acused me. the only people i had was My bad influences friends in school And my self i had Jesus But i had the devil. dancing and listing to my ipod was the only way i could stop crying and feeling like no one cared when i tried to sleep the devil would tell me noone cares you might as well die i would cry all night. musci kept me awake. i would put my self into another world and just live what the music is being said.. pastor i would throw up when i ate i went from weighting 95 to 70 i was sick depressed music would "help" but when i gave my life to jesus everything changed being at God's house is my favorite thing to do i love my family friends and people from church i still dance cause that was a talent but i sleep very well and when i don't is cause im doing something for the Ypg my teachers noticied a difffrnce i don't need music i need God! music would put me into like another world now it just makes me say my ears hurt! Lol i love music but i choose what i listen too ! thanks to jesus and universal church and Ypg ((=

oscar said...

Benjamin YPG katy this is true because when our mind wounders we start thinking about the past and how our life is so we need do something to keep our mind focuse but less do it by reading a book or the bible or other activedes

Unknown said...

Issachar Pompano Beach, when I was younger, my escape from feeling empty, alone, even though I would be around many people , was music.Music connects you with your emotions, feelings,your heart. I would feel that whoever was singing, it was as if they were talking to me, as if they understood me somehow.But the reality was that I was trying to escape from my problems. Now, after I found God, I no longer needed music to feel good, I learned that once you have God, you NEVER run away from your problems, you ALWAYS face it!