Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Heavenly Student

Why do you go to school? Why do you sit there for hours every week listening to your teacher? Why do you take out your pen and paper and take notes everyday?

Obviously, to learn…right?

If you have a doubt you ask the teacher – s/he clarifies and you go ahead. With each lesson, as you apply yourself, you progress, you grow and move forward. And because you work hard you excel...right?

Well, the same is with God!

"God is teaching you everyday but if you don’t take
in the instructions and don’t do anything about it,
how can you be a testimony?"

When you come to the meetings, it’s like going to school. You hear, you are taught various thing such as how to use your faith, how to have a good character, how to be an example etc. When you are not sure about something, you seek advice and through the pastors and assistants, God is able to help you.

As you put what you learn into practice, you see changes in your life and consequently you not only grow in your faith but also become a testimony.

But if like that rebellious student, you hear and come to the meetings but don’t do anything about it - how can you expect to see change and progress in your life?

God is teaching you everyday but if you don’t take in the instructions and don’t do anything about it, how can you be a testimony? How will your life ever change?


Pr Luke Castro
YPG National Coordinator

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Let's Talk About Music: What Effect?

Be honest with yourself and answer the questions listed below:

What effect is the music you are listening to having on you, on your behavior, your character, personality?

Does it make you angrier, happier, emotive, hyper, or peaceful?

What is the effect? 

Or you listen to 'that' track to 'cause' some effect? Has it become an addiction listening to that tune?

Do you find yourself hooked on certain songs?

Do you find yourself very often singing that tune? Anywhere? Everywhere? 

Is it impregnated in your brain in such way that you have to think of other things in order to forget the song? 

If you answer at least one of the questions above 'YES', you've gotta do something about it ASAP.

This means you are being affected by music.

This is my final message on music. I hope I've been able to help you guys somehow.


Pr Luke Castro
YPG National Coordinator - USA

Friday, June 18, 2010

Let's Talk About Music: Moral or Immoral?

Every song you listen to will always contain a MORAL or IMMORAL message. Just take a look at the meaning of each of these two words and ponder. I'm pretty sure that after doing so you will filter what goes in to your ears. 

MORAL: concerned with the principles of right and wrong behavior and the goodness or badness of human character
Synonyms ethical, social, honorable, honest, just, noble, incorruptible, having to do with right and wrong.

IMMORAL: not conforming to accepted standards of morality
Synonyms - unethical, bad, morally wrong, wrongful, wicked, evil, foul, unprincipled, unscrupulous, dishonorable, dishonest.

Source: New Oxford American Dictionary, Oxford American Writer's Thesaurus and Wikipedia.

Food for thought.

Pr Luke Castro
YPG National Coordinator

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Leading To Where?

As we already know, music has the power to influence. This means that the lyrics of a song can lead you to do things or to go places where you wouldn't go in a normal state of mind.

For instance, if you listen to a romantic song, the lyrics of that song will lead you to feel emotional or very sentimental, whereas if you listen to a song which the lyrics are aggressive you will certainly end up a very violent person. 

If you listen to a song that sends out a very promiscuous message, you are running the risk of having wild and dirty thoughts when looking at someone of an opposite sex. 

Listen to a fast track while driving and you will undoubtedly go over the speed limit.

Now, if you listen to a song that is inspirational, that talks about salvation, faith, that song will lead you straight to God's presence. 

It's simple. All songs come with a built in message. 

Where is that message leading you to?

Pr Luke Castro
YPG National Coordinator

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Excel - 2nd Tips: Don'ts


The don'ts are actually the opposite of the do's, of course. 

You should do your best to stay away from whatever contaminates your faith. 

Worldly friends, worldly music, TV junk, junk food, fizzy drinks, staying awake till late on the computer chatting only God knows what.

Lack of respect towards your family, not helping at home, giving bad testimony where you live and work.

You should use your time doing the do's instead of wasting it with the don'ts.

It's your call.

Pr Luke Castro
YPG National Coordinator

Friday, June 4, 2010

Excel - 1st Tips: Do's



  • Attend church services more often than usual
  • Meditate on God's word every day before leaving your house
  • Fast for your spiritual growth
  • Help at your local church by evangelizing and cleaning
  • Read a book from the church’s bookstore
  • Prayer for 3 youths who don’t come to church yet
  • Work hard to grow your tribe this month


  • Help w/ home chores
  • Show respect, even when you think they don’t deserve
  • Be obedient
  • Say you love, hug, smile
  • Get out of your way: e.g. Wake up earlier than everybody else and prepare a nice breakfast for them
  • Be the light among your household


  • Eat healthy. Avoid junk
  • Avoid fizzy drinks as much as possible
  • Go to sleep early (by 10PM the latest)
  • Wake up early
  • Exercise
  • Take care of your appearance. Look good, neat.


  • Get your drivers license (if you are 16+)
  • Get a part-time job

Tomorrow I will give you the don'ts list.

See you there!

Pr Luke Castro
YPG National Coordinator