Friday, June 4, 2010

Excel - 1st Tips: Do's



  • Attend church services more often than usual
  • Meditate on God's word every day before leaving your house
  • Fast for your spiritual growth
  • Help at your local church by evangelizing and cleaning
  • Read a book from the church’s bookstore
  • Prayer for 3 youths who don’t come to church yet
  • Work hard to grow your tribe this month


  • Help w/ home chores
  • Show respect, even when you think they don’t deserve
  • Be obedient
  • Say you love, hug, smile
  • Get out of your way: e.g. Wake up earlier than everybody else and prepare a nice breakfast for them
  • Be the light among your household


  • Eat healthy. Avoid junk
  • Avoid fizzy drinks as much as possible
  • Go to sleep early (by 10PM the latest)
  • Wake up early
  • Exercise
  • Take care of your appearance. Look good, neat.


  • Get your drivers license (if you are 16+)
  • Get a part-time job

Tomorrow I will give you the don'ts list.

See you there!

Pr Luke Castro
YPG National Coordinator


Revolted_Manila said...

wow Ptr Luke. this is good for the youth.

thanks so much.

In Faith,
Cindy from Manila

Mariana Abreu said...

Wow Pastor Luke this will make a lots of youth think about in they life, what they need to do to be closer to God.
Thank you.
Mariana Abreu YPG Newark New Jersey.

Bianca Moctezuma said...

Really good ideas on what to do i will surely follow this! and be excellent in what ever i do!
Thanks for the post Pastor. Luke

Kenia Rivas said...

Hi Pastor Luke,

These are great tips for everyone to follow in their life. I will surely be applying them to my life even more:) Thank You.

Kenia Rivas

Andrea Dos Santos!xXx said...

These are great! tips,some i'm already doing.
THIS month I will achieve an excellent spirit like Daniel had an excellent spirit.
Thank you!

siomara Dossantos said...

Great tips i will include some to my list...

siomara Dos Santos

Sibon Phiri said...

This tips are very good. There are some I see i need to do more for my spiritual growth and for my health. Plus getting my drivers liscence asap.

Debora Anjos said...

Hi Pastor, I'm applying some of the tips since the beginning of the month. The sleeping part has been the most challenging one. I started all well but last week I slept late on most of the days. Won't let that keep happening though...

Another thing, the advice of hanging the sheet of paper up on the wall is very helpful. I turned it into a checklist so I can check off the things I do. Very helpful.

stefani lopes said...

this really helps! stefani pompano beach florida simeon.