Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Pressing On!

These are former and current YPG members. 

As you can see they work at different 
departments at the church.

Some of them, according to their faith, will move 
on and work on the altar one day.

The others will continue growing and developing in order to 
advance God's Kingdom through their talent.

How about you? 

Can God count on you somehow?

Will He find in you the dedication and 
devotion to invest in His work?

Luke Castro
YPG National Coordinator


RH said...

God has given us the choice either to serve Him, or not. The question we should ask ourselves is: "Am I willing to serve God?"

Genesis J. Vielman said...

We need to realize that we were able to meet God in such young age... so we can't limit our selves to small things the world has to offer... when there is so many things we can make a difference...

Unknown said...

Its easy to answer that question with a yes. But we must realise that its only the Holy Spirit can help us to remain strong, dedicated and devoted