Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Distractions: Conclusion

By now I believe some of you are bragging about the fact that you were capable of noticing the gorilla on last post's video.

And maybe others are feeling exactly as I felt when I first watched it, DUMB.

'How on earth I missed the gorilla?' - that is the question echoing in the minds of some of us right now.

Well, I've gotta say that if you saw the gorilla you actually did get DISTRACTED.

The DIRECTION given by the narrator right at the beginning was pretty obvious:

'How many times the white team passes the rubber band ball around?'

Forget about the company's idea behind the commercial.

Let's look into it from different perspective.

If you were told to count how many times the ball was passed around them you missed the gorilla, meaning that you were FULLY FOCUSED on the task given to you.

If you saw the gorilla them you MISSED the target.

There are many 'gorillas' around you right now.

Media, 'friends', love life, family, fashion, sports, internet, social networks, Hollywood, video games, drugs, music, etc...

Which of these 'gorillas' are getting you distracted the most?

Remember, he is a black-belt gorilla, who takes different forms and shapes. 

Luke Castro
YPG National Coordinator


Unknown said...

Wow I didn't think of it that way. Very strong interpetation Pastor Luke

Unknown said...

Thank you Pastor Luke this message had open my eye thank you again.