Wednesday, July 11, 2012

YPG Mission

By watching the video below you'll 
understand why the YPG has the 
mission to use Facebook and Twitter 
to reach out to other youths. 

And after watching it, what will you do? 

Luke Castro
YPG National Coordinator


Danny Martinez said...

hi my name is gaby !!! :)
im on the tribe of benjamin!!!
shepherd ...and the thing that got my attention is that we need to be ahead of them tell our frinds aboute GOD the YPG before is to late .

Danny Martinez said...

Hey whatsup my name is Sergio and I am in Benjamin tribe !
Well what capture my attention from this video is that is true what the video is saying .. now in days all the youths are tryig too be cool around there friends so they do the things there friends are doing. Since they wanna act hard they get involve with gangs and thats when the problems come. I think what the YPG is trying to do is a incredible amazing idea , that way the YPG can get to youths before the gangs do. This way the youths will know about GOD! and this will be like a second chance to them , but they have to decide between good or bad.

Ana Villatoro said...

I am part of the YPG Movement.

Danny Martinez said...

Salma & Jorge from YPG Shepherd

Honestly and truly that was desperate an childish. That's dumb how they try and show off when it's nothing to be proud about. All it is is life probems and family included in mix ups where people could be hurt or killed.

Danny Martinez said...

my name is Andrew from the ypg Shepherd Houston,tx and my oppinion on the gangs recruiting over the internet is that i am stuned because the outcome has a huge possibility of turning oout the wrong way and getting out of control jus imagin the you young children who dont kno any better gettin onto the interet and receiving such a horrible message.

Genesis J. Vielman said...

I agree! I too am part of the YPG Movement!

Genesis J. Vielman said...

This is so true because we clearly see how the devil works... and he won't work with something that less atracts the youth, he will use "what's on style" the "now" so we must work together even harde to make The YPG Movement even bigger known than anything! And stick with it until the end! Am so proud to be part of something so big!!