Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Heroes of Faith

There's a place in Hollywood called Walk of Fame, 
where the most prestigious celebrities 
display their names besides many other accolades.  

Celebrities in general strive to be well recognized by the public 
and have their names engraved on the Walk of Fame, 
a perishable prize I must say. 

By the way, so others can tread upon it. 

Anyways, I'm not here to talk about the fake but the 
REAL HALL OF FAME.  It's in Hebrews, chapter 11. 
Oh yes, the stuff you find their is awesome. It's jaw-dropping.

Therefore, we are starting a series of meetings (for the next 5 weeks) 
titled HEROES OF FAITH. It starts this week, 
at your local YPG branch.

If celebrities strive for recognition and a name engraved on the floor, 
why don't we strive to accomplish what these great 
men and women did in the past?

Luke Castro
YPG National Coordinator


Genesis J. Vielman said...

Wow this subject seems very interesting to me.. I can't wait until it actually starts!! Just like the REFINED vigil am sure this will also impact our life...Thanks!

Edward Gonzales said...

Wow...i can't for the rest of the Tuesdays' to hear the messages. I've been to the first meeting...and wow its true because the world makes the "hollywood" stars seem very happy but truly they arern't...they live a very good happy life for 2 hours on the screen but behind the scenes they are almost the exact opposite.

Edward Gonzales said...

Wow...i have already attended the first meeting and its true. I'm sure this series will change our lives if we apply what we learn. I'm ready to be the David of today!!!

Natiely Canedo said...

Issachar Pompano Beach, this study that we began talking about it will change our lives, if we listen and put it into practice. The heroes of faith made the difference because they faced their obstacles and got the victory. The heroes of faith have many voices to listen to, but they chose to listen to ONLY 1 voice, God's voice!