Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall... Am I looking 'FRESH'?

Not having the latest in fashion for some people is out of question. It's like living without one of their limbs. They crave for that new jeans, jacket, top, sneakers, shoes, accessory, etc. They can't survive either without having the latest gadget.

Certain women want some parts of their body to get smoother or bigger. The famous botox and silicon are introduced. Others desire to have a different eye color. Hence the colored contact lenses. Fake long nails in different shades of color is another apparel well used today.

What about men? 

'More muscle is good. If you are taller even better.' Unfortunately these are the concepts of the world. Men nowadays are more and more concerned with their body image. I'm from a generation (born in 1977) between men without face cream and hair gel and with face, body and hand cream. 

I'm not sentencing these people to death. I'm not against good health and having good stuff. Of course, one must be moderate.

The problem is that there's a lot of concern with the exterior (body) rather with the inside (soul & mind). Few people invest as much in their spiritual and mental development.

God is not impressed with that. His eyes are like X-Ray. He ignores the 'cover' and goes right inside.

I'll prove that to you by sharing the story of a well known man in the Bible in the next post.

Stay tuned.

Luke Castro
YPG National Coordinator   


Triana ! said...

It's not bad to care about your apperiance but if you just put in the most important thing in your list.. whats it worth if you are pritty from the outside and you have the shape those girls and guys have in those magazines .. so what ? If you don't have a clean consiuons, or peace or happiness. It's worth nothing. You can have all the attention and the rest of the thigs everyone craves for, but in the end of the day you go home , empty. Alone, sad , etc. I've been their and i know. But when you start caring for your heart, your LIFE! etc. Then that's when things start to change ... And like you daid God sees only the inside of your heart, YOU. Really like this post !! :)

Genesis J. Vielman said...

Little things will always show the biggest... there is nothing wrong in wanting to look good nor is bad to have good things but the bad is that they focus so much in what they have to offer and the person look better than anyone out there.... this really helps a lot!