Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Name

You know that guy who always looks like he's on something? 

How about the one whose parents divorced? Or the father left? What's his name? 

And that girl who always looks depressed? 

People like to label each other by the things they see – or imagine they see. 

You may not even know who you truly are, but maybe you’ve just accepted the labels that others have stuck on you.  But for others to see you in a positive light, you need to see yourself through new eyes first.  You need to know what God sees when He looks at you.

Jacob was known as a cheater, a hustler, a deceiver, and he lived up to that name, big time.  But one day he wrestled with an angel all night, demanding a change, demanding the blessing of God. He was fed up with those labels, with who he had become.  He had the guts to fight for a blessing.  Then and there God changed his name to Israel: one who fights with God. 

"Your name will no longer be Jacob; From now on you will be called Israel." Gen. 32:28 

God will change who you are – not just with an outward name, but who you are inside.  But just like Jacob, your change has to begin with you, throwing off the old labels and your old self-image.  Each of us has to wrestle with God on our own, and maybe you’ve never done that in your life.  Now’s the time you can.  

January 14th, 2011 is The Night of a New Name, a YPG all night vigil from midnight till dawn nationwide.  We refuse to leave until we’re blessed by God. We'll have music, performances, testimonies, new members consecration and baptism in water for those who mean it when they say they want a new life. But best of all – we’re going to fight! Prepare for this day, only if you're ready for change.

Pr Luke Castro
YPG National Coordinator

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UYG UMLAZI said...

So true Pr, we have to be the change we want to see it must start inside of us so we can see it on the outward, if we ready for it nothing can stop us because we have the power to do whatever it takes to change. It not imppossible, just one step at a time before you know it you have a new name.And it's all because God helps us in every step.WOW!