Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Who's Controlling You?

Every young person likes to believe that he or she is independent, free spirited, and thinks for themselves.  

“My life is my life. Respect my choices. I do what I do because I want to”, they say.

This is the general philosophy of so many youths that are lost and confused and can’t see that something else is manipulating every feeling they have.  

Free and independent? Not a chance, not with a puppet master pulling the strings of their lives like a simple wooden puppet.

Friends, addiction, music, relationships, past hurts, etc; these are the strings. 

Pulling each of those strings, unseen and unhindered, is the puppeteer (devil).

You'll always be controlled one way or another.

 It's your decision to either have your strings attached to God or to something or someone else.

Cut your strings loose before it's too late.

It's your decision, if you don't control your life someone will. 

Pr Luke Castro
YPG National Coordinator 


Mayela Menezes said...

This is so true. After this event it got me thinking how many people heard this message, but are too stubborn to accept the fact that one of these strings are controlling them. They think that they're controlling their lives but if they could only wear these spiritual glasses to see everything that is controlling their life. The devil likes to give these thoughts to deceive, we need to always keep our eyes open!! Thanks for the message!

Lily Torn said...

Since last week's performance I've been looking at my life and looking as to what strings are attatched to my life. I'm prepared to cut them off the hands of the Puppeteer, and attach them onto God.

Sandra Tiseira said...

We must always keep our eyes open; the devil will try everything to control our lives.

stefani lopes said...

some people really does have to ask themselves that question who's controlling you. i asked my self a while ago i wasn't so happy with the answer. but now i know and i want God to control me. stefani pompano florida simeon tribe

gugulethu said...

Thank you for this message, I choose to be controlled by the strings of God because I know with Him I will never be lost.

gugulethu said...

Thank you so much for this message I choose to have my life controlled by the strings of God because I know with Him, I will never be lost.