Sunday, November 14, 2010


The message below was sent by a youth from our youth group in the UK. I've known him for about 3 years know. I haven't added nor taken anything away from it's original context.

"Hi Pr. Luke, i hope all is well and the YPG is breaking through. 

A couple of months ago i was feeling as if i was trapped in a box, i never knew what i wanted to do and spiritually stuck, neither moving forward or backwards. 

So after the service i came home to seek, because i knew God had a will for my life but i didn't know what it was. these were the words that i said "Lord.... right now i feel like i am stuck in a cardboard box.... I want to do sooo much more but Lord i just want to know what your will is for my life...." there was more but that is obviously personal. 

So some days after that, i started doing more such as fasting just for more of the Holy spirit and for guidance and direction, also praying early in the morning etc.. SO! a couple of weeks ago the answer came of want Gods will was for my life, and i am happy to say its to serve on the Altar :-). 

The reason why the subject of this message is 'Amazing!' is because, i never thought in a million years i would ever say this,because i said dancing is my thing so that's what I'm going to do. I thought about the sacrifice and everything that i would be leaving behind, but it didn't really have as much of an affect as i thought because i thought to myself all these material things will pass but leaving this earth knowing you gave everything to serve God and winning souls, i knew this would the best decision i had ever made. :D"

Malcom Koroma, YPG UK

How I wish more youths had the boldness and audacity to make such prayer. Many are scared of the answer. Malcom wasn't. He meant business.


Susana said...

Pastor Luke,
I think this is amazing. When we don't know what's our purpose we should take it to God and ask God what's His will for us, for me. Just like Malcom we should be serious and be bold to make this prayer. And just pray more and fast more about it and we will get our answer just like Malcom did!

Susana Ortega

Sibon said...

Thank you for sharing this. It is true, many times the prayer is "My God do this or do that for me", but rarely "what is YOUR will for my life, what is it YOU want me to do for you".

siomara dos santos said...

Inded is amazing and something that he said that called my attention, he said even though he would live everything behind but all this material things would pass but knowing that he will live everything to serve God and save souls, there is no better decision than that...

Erika said...

Sometimes we have so many things running in our minds but we dont go to Jesus. We just thinking and think and let it punder but dont do nothing about it. Just because we know God knows our heart our thoughts our goals doesn't mean we shouldn't pray to him and ask him. Hes waiting on us. So we should do just as Malcom did. If we ask and seek we should find.