Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Turn the Page!

"The Holy Spirit certainly wants to dwell in you. Even more than you do.
My advice to you is that you don’t make the mistake that many do, which is to try to skip steps from the process of receiving the Holy Spirit.
Many people see the Holy Spirit as a luxury item, thus losing the understanding that one must first repent. Then you need to be honest with yourself and with God. 
Tell God how sick you are from living a life without Him. Tell Him you want to put a stop to this situation in your life. Feel disgust and anger to a life full of sin. That's how I overcame my short comings.
Do not be fooled by the idea that Holy Spirit is okay with sharing a person with sin. Never!
So throw yourself at His feet. Do not get in a game with God, sometimes with Him, sometimes without Him. Put your faith into action. Forget what you knew, or had or didn’t have. Start it all over again.
Turn this page of your life.
God bless you. "
Note: Message extracted from a conversation I had with a youth.

Pr Luke Castro
YPG National Coordinator


Bianca Moctezuma said...

Thanks Pastor for the post!
Its really strong,& helpful.
This is true we can't skip the steps to receiving the Holy Spirit!

Noncedo said...

Thanks Pastor, This is true I need to really repent and take a decision to allow the Holy spirit, Cause in order to receive the Holy Spirit I must burry my old life, and seek Him wholeheartedly...

Kenia Rivas said...

Hello Pastor Luke,

"Do not get in a game with God, sometimes with Him, sometimes without Him."

This is so strong, it is easy to get confused and feel as if we are with God when in reality we are only lying to our own self.

It is all or nothing with our Lord.

Thank you for this message:-)

AndreaXxX said...

Its true Pastor!We need to repent and take step by steps, we can't play games with God it doesn't work! Trust in Him and he'll bless you for your persistant and your faithfulness.