Monday, March 15, 2010

Go Beyond - Be Audacious!

Dare to do it! Dive in, take risks and be bold.

The movie depicts very well Ben Carson’s tenacity in the beginning of his career. He took risks. He wasn’t afraid of failing, especially when faced with a complicated and risky surgery.

You should never diminish yourselves simply because of the fact that they come from a one-parent home, or a poor and uneducated family. The devil uses that to belittle you before society and the world.

Another strong point we can extract from the movie is the support Ben Carson's mother gave him. She supported him big time, in spite of not having any education herself.

She invested in her son’s future by pushing him to go further, always telling him he wasn’t dumb or stupid but intelligent and smart. I've seen many youths ignoring their parents advice. They think their parents are picky, annoying or even too radical because of their constant demands on studies and so on, not realizing that all they want is their well-being.

On the other hand there are those who are unfortunate and don’t get the necessary encouragement from their own parents. If you are included in this group I say you to you: don't look at what you don't have but at what you have, which is faith and God. He will always back you up, no matter what.

You have qualities, skills, talents that no other person has. Do not settle down. You can always pursue greater things.

So, remember, BE AUDACIOUS.

Pr Luke Castro.


Anonymous said...
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Izamar Romero said...

I think that the same apples to the voice of God, many (including myself) have ignored God voice because we think we know better,when all God whats for us is our well being..

Divya said...

The feeling of being stuck in life because of not having the courage to act on our goal is one of the worst feelings one could have. I started taking baby steps to snap out of this state of fear. After reading this message, I am even more determined to do what I thought I could never do. God encourages us so much, and the closer we get to Him, the more certain we are of the right decisions, and He gives us the courage to go after them.

Cecilia Lopez said...

Doesn't matter if someone told you that you will not get it,
I can tell you someone said that for me and I did'n stop to get my dreams, so after that I went more stronger to get my dreams.

Every day said to you: "I can do it, I will get my dreams"

Lily Torn said...

Ben Carson was a great example on how to be audacious. He was a 'good' neirosurgeon, but not the 'best.' He came to a point where he had the opportunity to make a difference and stand out in his work. With this opportunity, came risks. But he THOUGHT OUT his plan, he didn't just take the risk out of emotion. He was audatious, in a smart and benificial way.

Mayela Menezes said...

Taking risks sounds easy but when we're there to either take the risk or stay where we are, if we don't use our faith we'll stay where we are and never accomplish more than we have. I really liked this messgae, if we want to make a difference, and accomplish great things we must take risks, or else others will take risks and we'll stay where we are.

Alicia Montalvo said...

don't look at what you don't have but at what you have, which is faith and God. He will always back you up, no matter what.

that's what got me the most. We shouldn't complain about stuff we don't have but appreciate what we do, because we have what most people don't; God.

if life gives you lemons, make lemonade!