Friday, January 29, 2010

A Letter From Hell

What if you had a friend who died without knowing God? What if one day you received a letter in the post from beyond? A letter from hell…

Dear Zack,

I died today. It’s a lot different than I expected. You see, I always thought that dying would bring me to a world that's foggy and hazy. But this place is crystal clear… It’s even more real than my life on earth. I can think. I can talk. I can even feel. Right after the car crash I could feel my spirit leaving my body. It was the weirdest thing Zack. I thought I heard you screaming out to me. I must have been just imagining things.

At first I was just standing in line. They asked me for my name, and began to look for my name in this big Book.

I guess they couldn’t find it though, cause this huge angel grabbed me by the arm and started dragging me away...

I was terrified. I had no idea what was going on. I asked the angel where he was taking me, but he didn’t answer. So I asked him again and finally he told me that only those whose names were written in the Book, could enter heaven and the rest are all banished to the Lake of fire.

I was scared. The angel threw me into some kind of holding cell where I’ve been sitting and thinking for a long, long time. Do you want to know what I’ve been thinking about?

I’ve been thinking about YOU.

Zack you’re a Christian. You told me so yourself.

We talked about it three different times today. Kelly brought it up and you laughed it off. Mark brought it up and you changed the subject. It came up again right before the crash. Well the question I can’t get out of my mind is this Zack, why haven’t you ever told me about God and the afterlife?

You say you’re my friend, but if you were, you would have told me about Jesus, and how to escape this terrible place I’m headed for.

I can feel my heart pounding in my chest. I can hear the angels who’ve been chosen to cast me into the Lake coming down the hallway after me.

I can’t stand it Zack, I’m terrified. The angels are at the door… Oh no… no… they’re coming in and they’re pointing at me. They’re grabbing me and carrying me out of the room. There's this overpowering smell of sulphur and brimstone that's choking me.

My heart’s bursting with fear. Why Zack, why didn’t you ever tell me about Jesus?

Your friend,


P.S - Wish you were here.


Maritza Barr said...

This letter truly made me reflect on my actions and what it is that I am doing to tell others about God. Any one can be in a similar situation as the characters depicted in this letter. What if, is the question?

I, for one, will tell others (especially those around me) about God. If the person is reluctant to accept God or chooses not to then that's the person choice. My conscience rests in peace because I did my part.

Thanks for sharing!

Andrea Dos Santos said...

This letter really opened my eyes!
At first I felt affraid because I wouldn't want to see myself in that situation.
I felt God was talking to me through that message and I knew it was time to change my ways!
I advice all the youths to watch the video!