Monday, October 19, 2009

Too young to decide

Some teenagers say they are too young to decide on whether to give their lives to God or not. We invite them to get closer to God in order to have a life full of His blessings but they refuse it. They are too concerned about their own lives. They say, 'I need to enjoy myself a bit more.' They even say that church is only for old folks.

The question is: Aren't they too young to become parents after sleeping around? Why is it that they don't mind doing these things knowing that there will be terrible consequences? It's just a matter of using our brains for crying out loud!

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Leyli said...

My mom invited me to the church when I was 15 years old and I told her not to invite me anymore that I didn't like it. So she left me alone and so I learned on my own the hard way, bumped my head got into wrong relationships and until I was suffering I came back to the church. Don't let pride take over as it did me. Those that want good for you are sent to you for it is God himself who wants to bless you. Until when will you keep on running from your blessing. Don't let the enemy use your strength to go towards the wrong things. For you are not a child anymore so think about your life and where your going?