Wednesday, August 12, 2009

When it all began

Before sharing with you guys the messages that God has inspired me to give to you, I want to talk a little bit about how my passion for working with youths started. Believe you or not I never ever thought of working with young people at all.

When I was called to do this amazing work back home in Brazil I knew what I was doing, sacrificing my will in order to do my Father’s. But when the time to work with the youth group came, more precisely the VYG (Victory Youth Group) in England, I had no idea what to expect. I knew it was going to be demanding and I also knew it was part of the work I had committed myself to but with no clue on how to work with you. Hence the Holy Spirit must dwell in us so we can do the things that cannot be done by our own natural resources and human knowledge. Because of that I was ready and excited concerning the task ahead of me.

Five years later I was breathing, eating, drinking, dreaming youth group. The situations I came across during those 5 years were many. Some of them were really sad due to the problems some of you were facing in your family, personal life, etc. Other situations were sadder because I saw many youths coming to the youth group full of issues, in need of help but not so determined to fight for a change and turn their lives around as you were. They never came back. But I also had very, very good moments. Trips, messages, competitions, events and the most important to me, TESTIMONIES.

Seeing many of you guys arriving in the youth group one day with your lives completely destroyed and your dreams shattered by the many problems you faced and working hard to change, and not only changing behavior but becoming leaders, helpers, assistants, it was great!

That is why I am more than ever determined to work with you for many more years to come. I know face a new challenge, the youths of America. They are as thirsty and hungry for attention as the youths I met in England. And I know many of you here in the US will be very soon sharing with others what God has done and will do for you .

This is what I have to say for now. I hope and pray that you guys may feed your spirit here in this blog. It is simple but written with an immense desire to help you all. Or should I say ‘y’all’?

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alaine_lemaire said...

hello pr, it was a honour to work with you.
it was only three months but those three months were the best time of my life.coz you taught me how to do the work of God freely, with no accusation in mind and also that the work of God is so much fun.i am soooo greatfull to have that opportunity for the holy spirit to use you in willesden green,also to help spiritaul.thanx you so much. i know that God will use you were you are.plz say hello to miss Rapheala for me.

Alaine Lemaire
VYG Willesden Green London